Kalamata olives are a type of olive named after the city of Kalamata, Peloponnese, where they were first grown.

It’s no secret that doctors and dieticians call it one of the healthiest foods on earth and that’s because they are high in sodium, rich in healthy fats and contain a natural antioxidant. Kalamata olives contain a range of health-promoting vitamins and minerals, and are particularly high in iron and vitamin A. It is said that regular consumption may help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and various cancers.

Kalamata olives are a good source of fibre, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K. They also provide some magnesium, phosphorous and potassium per serving as well as B vitamins. The majority of their fat is monounsaturated, also known as a “healthy” fat.

Kalamata olives, like pure Greek olive oil, contain phenolic compounds, which are natural antioxidants. It is this compound that gives olives their unique taste. Phenolic compounds in olives and olive oil is a strong antioxidant, protecting your body from damage from environmental toxins as well as free radicals. The phenols may also be the reason for lower incidences of heart disease and some cancers for those who eat a Mediterranean diet high in olive oil and olives.

How to add Kalamata olives to your diet:

olives are a great snack and can be eaten any time of the day. You can also add them to your salad, on your pizza or in your red homemade sauce. Don’t forget to include them to your cheese platters, as they are great paired with cheese, crackers and other small goods.